"My sister has been in several facilities, and Christian Care Center of Memphis is the best in the area! I’m impressed with everyone who works there. The therapy department is doing physical and occupational therapy with her, and they are amazing. They’re doing a great job and are so caring! The staff at Christian Care Center of Memphis is very kind and diligent; I can’t say enough good things about them.  From the housekeeping department to maintenance to dietary plus the office and nursing staffs, I have only positive things to say about all of them."

G.G., Memphis, TN

“I can’t compliment your facility enough for what they’ve done for my husband; I cannot find enough good words! He is doing wonderful. They’re doing wound care on his feet, and the doctor and the staff is very attentive and checks on him.  Everyone is so kind to him. They keep his room clean and his bed clean. The therapy department has done a good job. I’d recommend Christian Care Center of Memphis to anyone. Fact is my husband’s sister just came to stay there. I’d rate them a 10!”

D.W., Memphis, TN

"I'd heard about Christian Care Center of Memphis from my cousin.  My mother's there, and it's the best facility out of all the other ones in this area.  I'm very comfortable having her there.  The staff's doing a good job with her care; everyone is so kind and courteous!  They keep her room clean and her bed clean.  The laundry service does a good job.  I'd rate Christian Care Center of Memphis a 10, and would recommend them to anyone."

D.G., Memphis, TN

"The staff at Christian Care Center of Memphis did a good job with my mother's care.  She definitely enjoyed her time there.  The therapy department did a great job with her rehab and everyone was so nice to her.  I'd certainly look to use the facility again, if needed.  I'd recommend Christian Care Center of Memphis to anyone, and have done so several times."

M.C., Memphis, TN

"Christian Care Center of Memphis has an excellent care coordination plan and policy in place that was implemented the day after my aunt was admitted. I was able to participate in her care plan, and really appreciate how the Director of Social Services stays in close contact with both my aunt and me. It's so satisfying to know she is being taken care of so well and that I'm not in the dark about her care. It's helped to eliminate some of the guilt I felt when I realized she needed skilled care in a nursing facility. As for her accommodations, my aunt likes being able to get her clothes in and out of her closet while sitting in her wheelchair, and she says her bed feels so good she can sleep right through the night!

There are homey sitting areas and a beautiful courtyard where the residents can meet with family if they don't want to stay in their rooms. The facility has a good doctor and director of nursing. The skilled nursing staff and CNAs are compassionate and loving. I've watched them in action with a few of the residents that needed assistance. My aunt told me that the staff hug her and tell her that they love her a lot and they encourage her to come to the dining room to eat and make new friends. She really enjoys everyone and hopes she never has to go home! The dining room is large and lovely. I've tasted the food and it's awesome. The activities department is very involved with my aunt and she enjoys what they have to offer. There's a really nice salon, therapy gym and spa. The business office manager is also a pleasure to deal with. You can tell he has our families' best interests in mind.

Christian Care Center of Memphis is very family oriented. I'd recommend this facility to anyone looking for outstanding care. My aunt has gotten really involved here. It's been great to see her so engaged!"
S.J., Memphis, TN

"My Dad spent his last days at Christian Care Center of Memphis. I can tell you it is a wonderful place. And to Nurse Tammy on 3-11, I'll always remember and appreciate how well you looked after him and kept us informed. Good people with a difficult charge; we need more like them."

R.B., Memphis, TN

"Thanks to the staff for their exceptional efforts and wonderful attitudes towards your work and towards my staff here at Christian Care Center of Memphis. Your attention to my needs well exemplified your commitment to your job and care for others. Christian Care Center of Memphis should be very proud of your accomplishments and to have you as employees. Thanks for all you have done."

M.P., Memphis, TN